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Dry your clothes with luxury and Style...
With fast~DRY COMFORT, you can easily hang a full load of laundry overhead, without using any floor space at all. Every pipe in Luxury Dry can be lowered for the convenience of drying and mounted back up to the ceiling, when not in use.
 fast~DRY COMFORT is completely out-of-the-way and out of sight; no need to fold it or store it.
What makes fast~DRY COMFORT so unique....
1. It  holds full Load of Laundry, up to 5 kgs per pipe.
2. Each pipe can be lowered to hang clothes and then can be mounted to the ceiling effortlessly.
3. Uses No Floor Space at all.
4. Blends With the White Ceiling and looks stylish.
5. Easy & Convenient to Use by design.
6. Extremely light - weight.
7. Number of pipes and size of pipes can be customized as per customer need.
8. Thick Pipes Never Crease Clothes.
9. Clothes Dry Naturally - Saving electricity.
10. Perfect for installing In :
Laundry Rooms
Over Bathtubs
Closet areas/Store Rooms
Corridors/pathway between rooms
Terrace Wall Sides
House back yard
11. fast~DRY COMFORT  can be easily installed on both dry walls and concrete ceilings and of course it can be attached to a wood base too.
Benefits :
1. Enhance beauty of hour house by not having to dry clothes outside.
2. Gain privacy by drying indoors.
3. Free yourself from dependence on the weather.
4. Save space in homes with limited drying space.
5. Looks tidy, elegant and represents a Luxury item.
6. Looks stylish and strong with drying Space - 3 feet to 48 feet.
7. Built to last by usage of steel and stainless steel.
Product Dimensions and Sizes made as per your choice.
1. Length of pipes:- 3 feet to 8 feet long,  1/2" inches stainless steel pipes, 0.75mm thickness.
2. Hardware Included :
Hoisters (as per your choice as shown in point 2): 1 pair.
Stainless Steel Pipes: Number, Size and thickness as per choice.
30ft long White Nylon Ropes (number of ropes equal to the no of pipes).
Rope clamp: 1 piece.
SS Fitting Screws, fasteners and rope locks.
White small covering caps 4 x (no of pipes).
Sizes can be customized according to space requirement.