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  • Ideal for places with space constrain.
  • Excellent choice for Room Dividers.
  • Easy to Install & Maintenance Free.
  • 100% Water & Termite Proof.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • Available in various Colours & Designs.
  • Cost Effective.

 Uses and Applications


  • Substitute for walls in creating partitions, room dividers and solving space issues.
  • Covering otherwise not so appealing messy shelves in households.
  • Outdoor garden space.
  • Creating closet space in small or even large rooms.
  • Covering and maintaining balconies in dusty / rainy extreme Indian climates.
  • Garage shutters, Auditorium shutters, warehouse space dividers.
  • Can be installed on Loft (Upper side of Bathroom & Toilet) by which opens full area to facilitate complete closure and opening.
  • Installed below Kitchen Platform covering area below sink etc. to keep materials and clean it.
  • Divider for 2-in -1 Bathroom and Toilet.
  • Restaurant booth privacy.
  • Privacy in Hospitals.
  • Creating VIPs / spaces in clubs and lounges.
  • Distracting noise.
  • Educational institute such as in hostels, libraries.
  • Divide a cavernous room into a more warm area, create a bathroom enclosure, form an extra room or even a cubicle in the office, you will not find a better solution that a quality crafted folding partition. You can also divide the living and dining areas in homes, spaces in outdoor terraces or gardens, reconfigure conference rooms, convention spaces or university lecture halls. It also serves to create personal areas in restaurants, VIP spaces in clubs and provide privacy in health care centers. 
  • They are not only practical but also give a visually pleasing look to your interiors instantly. Along with them being very durable and maintenance – free.  They need zero feet floor space for operation hence, free up the space used by conventional doors. They have adjustable widths and extend in opening and create a compact profile when not in use.