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It is with great pleasure we introduce ourselves as the exclusive Distributors of Movable wall (Acoustic / Sound proof) and Floor Movable Partitions in India.

These are applied in Star hotels, Meeting Rooms, Ball-rooms, Multi-function halls, Convention Centers, Schools, Colleges, Training rooms, Residences, Banquet halls & other facilities. The quality, reliability, service & competitive prices have won excellent reputation in the market and from architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers all over India.

Special features of Partitions:
• Movable Walls
• Movable Partitions
• Acoustic sliding Folding Partition
• Operable Walls
• Sliding Folding Partitions 
• Acoustic and Glass Operable walls
• Movable Glass Partitions
• Operable & Movable Walls
• Acoustic Movable Partition
• Glass Wall
• Sliding Doors
• Wall Partition
• Glass Partitions
• Room Partition
• Room Dividers

Benefits of Movable Walls
1) Intelligent and Flexible space utility.
2) Effective and more usage per floor area
3) Creating extra revenue in Hotels, Conference Halls, Convention Centers by holding several smaller functions as well as large ones.
4) Creating Multiple Classrooms, Meeting rooms, office areas instead of one bigroom.
5) The most favouring advantage is it provides excellent high privacy, energy savings and at the same time aesthetically appealing flexibility (Layouts of the room can be changed as per the venue requirements) in the form of sound proffing.


Types of Glass Movable Walls
Glass movable walls are available in two types:
• Frame less which uses a 12mm toughened glass
• Embedded glass which uses a 10mm toughened glass

TYPE 80 Series
Suitable for height 2m - 6m, max sound rating 50DB, load weight limit 450kg/m, are extensively applied to Training Room, Meeting Room and Conference Room etc.

TYPE 100 Series
Suitable for height 2m - 7.2m, max sound rating 53DB, load weight limit 650kg/m, are extensively applied to Conference Halls, Banquet Halls, Convention Centres and Auditoriums etc.

Sound Control
In architectural acoustics, we are concerned with controlling the amplitude and / or the duration of sound. In walls and partitions, this is done by controlling sound transmission loss and sound absorption.

Currently, the most widely accepted standard for ranking the acoustical performance of accordion and movable partitions is STC or sound Transmission Class.

Finding STC. Sound Transmission Class is a two digit number describing the laboratory performance of a single building element in stopping the transmission of sound through it the following chart to get a rough idea what various STC levels mean in terms of privacy afforded. Note that this is only a very rough guide.

**STC Privacy Afforded
• 25 Normal speech easily understood
• 30 Normal speech audible, but unintelligible
• 35 Loud speech understood
• 40 Loud speech audible, but unintelligible
• 45 Loud speech barely audible
• 50 Shouting barely audible
• 55 Shouting not audible

The intended use of the building or room versus the use of the surrounding areas will, in part, determine the amount of sound control you need. For example, a folding wall dividing a high school science classroom from a student lab doesn’t need to have as good a barrier as an movable partition between meeting rooms in a hotel.