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fast ~ DRY   COMFORT

  • Pulley Operated Cloth Drying System.
  • Steel  & Aluminium Pipes.
  • Each pipe Separately goes up & down.
  • Avoides Stress & Strain.


  • PVC Folding Doors/Partitions.
  • Ideal, Suitable for Passage, Bathrooms/Toilets.
  • Chaging Rooms, Cubiles, Spas, Hospitals.
  • Room Divider thus solving space issues.
  • Water & Termite Proof.

Magic Door Net

  • Fast & Easy way to keep bugs/insects etc. out.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Space and money saver.
  • Pets can get in and out.

Remote Power Controller

  • Excellent quality Remote Power Controller 
  • Remote for lights and fan ON / OFF Controlling system, 
  • Can control Up to 3 OR 5 Lights and 1 Fan with Fan speed control.


    * All Homes Particularly at Bed Rooms and Halls.
    * Children where switchboard is not reachable.
    * Auditoriums and conference halls.
    * Bedridden patience and Aged people.
    * Physically Handicapped persons.
    * Hospitals, clinics, Restaurants etc


During snoring, due to obstruction to the air, less air goes inside our body and thereby we take less Oxygen (O2) inside our body. This leads to less Oxygen getting in to the blood. This condition may cause following serious problems -

  •  Rise in Blood Pressure (B.P.) and Heart Rate during sleeping 
  •  May Increase risk of Heart Attack (+34%) and Stroke (+67%) 
  •  Risk of Brain Damage 


  • Wide range of Pulverizer Machines available.
  •  Our range of Pulverizer Machines is widely appreciated by our clients which are situated all round the nation. 
  • We offer our range of Pulverizer Machines at most reasonable prices.


It is with great pleasure we introduce ourselves as the exclusive Distributor of Movable walls (Acoustic / Sound proof) and floor base movable partitions. 

These are useful in Star hotels, Meeting Rooms, Ball-rooms, Multi-function halls, Convention Centres, Schools, Colleges, Training rooms, Residences, Banquet halls & other facilities. The quality, reliability, service & competitive prices have won excellent reputation in the market and from architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers.

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fast ~ DRY   COMPACT

  • Moves Back & Forward.
  • Space Saver
  • Fitted in Bathroom, Balcony, Bedroom etc.

STORE - IN    (Multipurpose Shoe Rack)

  • Multipurpose Shoe Rack
  • Different Colours and Sizes.
  • Useful for Storage of Shoes and other Items.

SukhAsana - Yoga / Meditation Chair

  • Provides right combination of support & Comfort to body.
  • Portable & Easy to Carry yo Garden, Ashram, Retreat and anywhere.
  • Facilitates sitting for lengthy hours.       


  • Gas Safety Device to our valuable clients.
  •  Kitchen Safety. 
  • Cuts Major Hazardeous Gas Leaks. 
  • Flame Failure Cut-Off System. 
  • Detecting Gas Leakage,
  • Level Indicator of Gas Cylinder, 
  • Saves Gas Consumption thereby Saving in each Cylinder. 
  • 3 Years Warranty. 
  • Vertical and Horizontal  Valves available. 


  • Bags are used for packaging of various things including tea, dry minerals, carbon black, pesticides, dyes, engineering polymers, Milk Powder, etc. 
  • These are widely acclaimed by the clients for their attributes like biodegradability, eco-friendliness, high strength, finishing and availability in various colors, patterns, textures & sizes. 
  • Offer customization.


  • Hammer Mills can be used for a wide range of application e.g. Animal & Poultry Feeds, Chemicals, Food Products, Herbs& Spices, Marine Feeds, Moulding Powders, Dry Soap, Charcoal, Tea, Coffee, etc.
  • Features:-
    + Improved Grinding Efficiency
    + Accurate and Consistent Product Grinding
    + Low Specific Power Consumption
    + Low Temperature Rise for Heat Sensitive    Materials 
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 fast ~ DRY  GLIDER

  • Unique quality of lifting the airer up when hanging clothes and droping it to minimal size when not in use. 
  • Saving space and enhancing wall beauty.


  • Freedom from Mosquitoes, Insects.
  • Get Fresh Air in.
  • Screen Rolls Up & Down by hand touch.

Waterproof PVC Wall & Ceiling Panels

  • Wall Panels fixed directly  on walls.
  • Saves Recurring Painting Expenses, rubble, dangerous unhealthy smells, fungus, dampness etc.
  • Clean look and pleasureable for health.
  • Waterproof, Lengthy life.
  • Beautifying Ceiling etc. 


  • Saves Space. Easy Folding.
  • Usful in Hospital, Bathroom, Kitchen, Near Shoe Rack, Spas, Trial Rooms etc.
  • Wt. Capacity 90 to 200 kg.for different models.


  • • Fully automatic, compact and Robust      machine. 
    • Simplified operation and low maintenance. 
    • Top quality components and best workmanship. 
    • All contact parts are made of Stainless Steel
    • Fast change over to pouch/sachet size and filling volume .
    • Photoelectric mark registration system for precise cutting and filing of the sachet pouches
    • Machine mounted on castor wheels for easy movement.
    • Custom-made to suit specific requirements. 


  • Pigeons are a major problem in Residential Complexes, Hotels, Resorts, Factories etc.
  • Major problem is the breeding and droppings of these birds. 
  • Special net to get rid of this problem without hurting and killing the birds. 
  • Transparent,  very strong, durable and UV stabilized. 
  • No effect of sun and rain and no corrosion or rusting. 
  •  Not block air and light and is custom-made as per customers' requirements.